New version of me

My blog has been dormant for over year and a lot has happend. My idea was to share ideas, thoughts, and insights of my research. However, I felt very insecure about it for a while. On my search to find data for my research question, I was not ready to share. And I was busy, and pregnant… This is the first time I do like to write something.

Currently, I am writing a journal paper about my study findings. Working on that part and waiting for my co-authors’ feedback. I feel the need to write. Something else, less formal. Then I remembered this dormant blog. Here I am writing another blog post, after 1,5 years.


A lot has happend. Indeed, now I am a lecturer, PhD candidate and a mom! I have a little one that is part of my life. He effects me in being me. In the first months after my pregnancy, I thought I lost my former self. But now after almost half a year, he just transformed me into a new version. I realize – while doing my research, my lecturing, and all my other things I do in life – I am still me! A little more tired and a little more happy. There is a reason to come home too and to work efficiently. Or better, work more effectively. On some days, I am not efficient. Since my fresh start two months ago, I decided to go with the flow and a planning is fluid. There are times, like today, that I am tired, too tired to be brilliant. I am ok with it as I also use hours on my mom-day to write if he sleeps perfectly through the afternoon.

Blogging is a way of reflection. A shared reflection, if there is anyone out there reading it. Reflecting on my life as PhD student mom should benefit my learning process. This is the first, a start, in hope more blog items will follow.

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