The ‘afterlife’

Yesterday, my prof asked me what my ambitions are. I have been thinking about what to do after my PhD, but it seemed still so far away. I realized however, I might be finished in 1,5 years. You never know what happens along the way, but ideally, I should be finished somewhere beginning 2019.

It had been such a journey to obtain a PhD position. I wanted to do a PhD since my Masters, but I had other ambitions as well. After my graduation, I founded a company and developed myself as trainer/teacher. Pursuing a PhD was a long-term goal. I dreamt of a project that I could dive into and would be so much fun to learn all the nitty gritty details. I tried to get funding for a PhD since 2011. First, I worked together with an old academic friend. It was his idea that I wrote a grant application for. We did not get the funding sadly. After that, I switched jobs and got other opportunities for developing myself. I became a professional teacher and curriculum developer. All in all, it took me 4 years to get the PhD up and running. That was my ambition. I never dared to think about the ‘afterlife’.

Of course, I could still continue teaching. I love to do this. But, I have been interested in so many things, that I feel the need to explore more. Dig deeper in other subjects (circular economy for example), explore my other competencies (entrepreneurship for example), or develop myself as something else? I still have more or less 1,5 years to make a decision. But first, I think I have to dream a new dream…

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