#DesignerFrustration Instagram course

I have been transferring my research insights into an online course called #DesignerFrustration. This afternoon the course will launch, so I am exited how it will be received. Do you want to participate? Join now via: https://www.instagram.com/thedesignerfrustrations/

I choose a to build the course on Instagram. It is an unusual platform for an online course, but I choose it because it had two advantages. First of all, Instagram is an upcoming platform especially popular for a young audience. I want to reach out to junior design professionals, so this seemed a good match. Secondly, I also wanted to reach out to an international audience. Social media is easy accessible from all over the world.


Finally, the platform gives different opportunities to share content. Not only can you share pictures in the feed with instructions, you can also share stories and even go Live! It gave me a lot of creative freedom to make the course without learning a new platform or having it to look completely slick and professional.

The course will run for a month. I will evaluate after this month how it was received. The evaluation will go into my last chapter of the my PhD thesis. I will also give a summary of my findings on this blog. Stay tuned!

For more information about the course check out the flyer: #designerfrustration-3

Interested to join? And you can still sign up until 17:00 this afternoon: https://www.instagram.com/thedesignerfrustrations/

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