About Lenny van Onselen


My name is Lenny van Onselen. Ten years ago, I worked as a freelance consultant after obtaining my degree in Industrial Design Engineering. One value I hold dear is sustainability. I pursued this value mainly by working on unpaid projects. Yet, to get food on the table I accepted projects that had nothing to do with sustainability. These projects frustrated me more and more. Especially after discussing with a client to include environmental factors in the project. Similar incidents followed. My  strategy became a rather ineffectual one. I wrote short chapters in project reports about sustainability in the hope clients would read it. In the end, I reconsidered my options in life and to pursue a career as an academic. I became a Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. I am also a researcher at the Innovation Networks research group at the Hague University of Applied Sciences and PhD candidate at TU Delft faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.


My core values

I am very curious. I want to discover the world. We are part of the world. I want to make it better for humans, for nature. 


I love to do research. Explore the world, views of others and find solutions to help them. Now I study values in design. My target group is junior designers. They work in collaborative practice and experience conflicts of value. 


I try to be as creative as possible. I love to capture beautiful things in life through photographs, drawings and paintings. I also help others to open their minds to their creative selves. I lecture in design and creative thinking.


I believe we need to move on to a sustainable way of living in this world. There is so much beauty around and so many beautiful people. We need to learn living together in a balanced way. I do not have the answers on how to do it, but I believe we can do it together.


Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering – TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Oct. 2011 – now)
Curriculum developer (redesign 2016/17; redesign 2014; from scratch 2011/12)
Lecturer Cultural Diversity, Design Research and Design Methodology
Researcher member of Innovation Networks research group and PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology (graduate school)

Assistant Research Director – TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Aug. 2011 – Dec. 2011)

Director Youth Innovation Programme – Eden Foundation Trust, Nelson, New Zealand
(Jan. 2011 – March 2011)
Develop a proposal for a Youth Innovation Programme, which will provide young entrepreneurs and leaders a basis for establishing sustainable social ventures, businesses and enterprises. Currently waiting for funding.

Lecturer Business, Culture and Technology TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Aug. 2009 – Aug. 2010)
Develop, implement and manage the course Business, Culture and Technology, Bachelor IDE attended by 380 students.
Coaching and supporting groups of 25 students during design projects and group assignments in other courses. Responsible for evaluating, assessing, and reporting on student progress.

Design coach – TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Nov. 2007 – Jul. 2009)
Weekly coaching of groups of 25 students during design projects. Responsible for evaluating, assessing, and reporting on student progress.

Consultant/trainer –  Dusc Innovation, The Netherlands
(Aug. 2007 – Jul. 2010)

Founded Dusc Innovation, an innovation and creativity consultancy with the goal to facilitate the fuzzy front end of the innovation process. A separate branch specialised in creative thinking training for professionals and students.
Facilitating workshops and creative sessions, advising for innovation projects and development of innovation tools.
Training professionals and students in creative thinking.

Teaching assistant  – TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Jan. 2007 – Jan. 2008)

Supporting course coordinators in developing eight Design Engineering courses during the revision of the IDE bachelor. Assisting in development of learning materials and e-learning environments.

Researcher – TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
(Aug. 2006 – Jan. 2007)
Study on the influence of packaging design on littering and waste behaviour. Main tasks: Design and execution of the research. Reporting findings to client.

Internship The Creativity Company, The Netherlands
(Aug. 2005 – Oct. 2005)
Study on the converging and decision making in the creative problem solving process.

Facilitator of creativity workshops
(2005 – 2006)
Facilitating creative sessions for ProRail (Rail infrastructure manager ;turnover: 1.4 blj euro; 3.500 staff members) , Essent (Energy supplier; turnover: 5.7 blj euro; 4.400 staff members), The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and undergraduate Design students.



Want to know more about what I could do for you?

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