I am lecturer Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University, faculty of Technology, Innovation and Society

I am a PhD student at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

I am very curious. I want to discover the world. We are part of the world. I want to make it better for humans, for nature. 


I love to do research. Explore the world, views of others and find solutions to help them. Now I study values in design. My target group is junior designers. They work in collaborative practice and experience conflicts of value. 


I try to be as creative as possible. I love to capture beautiful things in life through photographs, drawings and paintings. I also help others to open their minds to their creative selves. I lecture in design and creative thinking.


I believe we need to move on to a sustainable way of living in this world. There is so much beauty around and so many beautiful people. We need to learn living together in a balanced way. I do not have the answers on how to do it, but I believe we can do it together.